1. kidqueerwonder:

    support non binary kids who refer to themselves using gendered language, because language is so limiting and there just aren’t enough words for things

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  3. queenofbeerss:

This dress makes me want to die


    This dress makes me want to die

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  6. zagreus-taking-time-apart:

    night vale putting in casual nonbinary representation + using gender neutral pronouns


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  8. requireminx:

    Tonks walking around as McGonagall saying weird stuff to students

    Girls asking Tonks to become their crushes best friend to find out if they like them or not

    Tonks walking around the Hufflepuff common room as Snape, scaring the shit out of people


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  10. mapleglowsticks:



    what do you mean a thesaurus isnt a dinosaur


    this is adorable as fuck and you can’t tell me otherwise

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  12. fullmemetal:

    Gentle reminder that Ouran has a pretty much canon nonbinary protagonist.

    Gentle reminder that said protaganist’s single parent is a canon bisexual drag queen dadmom

    Gentle reminder that there is an entire trop of singing lesbians in Ouran

    Gentle reminder that Ouran is actually the shit

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  14. the-pungeon-master:


    M A S H - U P !

    Fall Out Boy’s The Mighty Fall vs. Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive. Careful, its hot. Headphones recommended.


    Please take a minute to check out my music tag which has more mash ups and stuff, and my original music project, Greater Than.


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  16. All The Stars In Texas - Chapter 1


    It’s finally here, kids! The first chapter of my Jeanmarco Bonnie and Clyde AU is finally up! As always, reblogs, comments, and recommendations are highly appreciated! Enjoy!

  17. arienreign:

    I only accept anon hate if you deposit $50 into my paypal.

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